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"I'm hooked on Dream Butters! My favorites are Garlic Herb or Onion Parmesan that I put on baked potatoes." 

Karen C., Colorado

"OMG! You are the real thing! You know what you're doing!" 

Customer, Texas

"I spread the Pumpkin Spice Butter on cinnamon swirl toast. Wow! SOO Good!"  Dianna B., California

"The Onion Parmesan on steak is amazing!" 

Sandra S., Colorado

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The butter that makes you feel like a Chef!


Flavored Butter

"Honey, they are so good they make bad bread taste good!" Anne, Texas

"I made a fantastic Chicken Alfredo sauce with Dream Butters Garlic Herb Butter. Turned out so yummy!!" 

Melissa P., Colorado

"The Cranberry Orange Butter is my favorite because of the tangy and sweet flavors."  Billie S., Colorado

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"The Cinnamon Sugar tastes like [that steakhouse] butter...only better!" 

Customer, Utah

Savor the flavor... Savory butters are the perfect way to finish any steak or burger. Put on pasta, vegetables, chicken, fish, bagels, potatoes, and cheese toast.

"These butters are absolutely amazing! I use them on everything! I highly recommend them" 

Michelle M., Colorado


"We got Caramel, Garlic, and Rosemary. Oh my goodness! They are FABULOUS! Everyone needs to get a bunch of them!" 

Customer, Woodland Park, Colorado

​If you like a little heat then try Jalapeño Lime or Pepper Thyme.  Fantastic in your favorite Latin dishes or on meats.​ Add to everyday recipes for added zing in your meals.

Oh my gosh yesssss! Seriously y’all don’t even understand my kids are obsessed with the cinnamon one and I love the garlic!" Shaunna K., California


Flavored Butter

"So Good! Especially the Sundried Tomato!" 

Nina N., Colorado

"We use Garlic Herb Butter to add some wonderful flavor to our grilled cheese sandwiches." 

Anna N., Alaska

"Our family REALLY likes the flavored Dream Butters for both bread spreads and cooking."  Cameron H., Utah

Our sweet butters are perfect for a variety of foods that will send your taste buds into a joyous dance. These flavors are great for desserts, on toast, bagels, pancakes, popcorn, or baking.

"Thank you Dream Butters for making a product that tastes so good!!" 

Johnny J., Colorado

"Hello! I bought your Cinnamon Sugar butter at the farmers market and am ADDICTED!"

Michelle M., Colorado


Flavored Butter