Flavored Butters

​​Why use Dream Butters in your Keto diet?  Here it is in one word – Flavor!
With the added herbs, spices, onions, juices, and cheese, you add flavor to your recipes. 
It takes out the guess work.
If you don’t know which spice to use or how much, we’ve already figured that out for you.
Just add a tablespoon or two and done!

How should you use Dream Butters?
For sautéing vegetables:
Garlic Herb                       Rosemary Herb            Onion Parmesan            Pepper Thyme         Jalapeño Lime   
Sundried Tomato              Green Chile

For flavoring fish:
Garlic Herb                       Rosemary Herb            Pepper Thyme               Jalapeño Lime         Green Chile

Sundried Tomato              

For Seafood:
Garlic Herb on shrimp, scallops, lobster, clams, and crab

For Pork:
Rosemary Herb                 Bacon Blue Cheese       Pepper Thyme             Sundried Tomato                      

For Lamb or Veal:
Rosemary Herb                 Garlic Herb                  Pepper Thyme             Green Chile              Bacon Blue Cheese
For Beef:
Garlic Herb                       Rosemary Herb            Bacon Blue Cheese       Pepper Thyme          Sundried Tomato

For Eggs (scrambled eggs, omelet, or frittata):
Jalapeño Lime                  Rosemary Herb            Onion Parmesan           Green Chile              Garlic Herb

For Popcorn:
Onion Parmesan                Jalapeño Lime                   

For chicken wings:

Pepper Thyme                Green Chile                 Bacon Blue Cheese​           Rosemary Herb        Onion Parmesan 

Jalapeño Lime for spice (add hot sauce for kick) 

Nutritional Facts for Dream Butters

Nutritional Facts and Keto Diet Info

​​​Dream Butters®

Wouldn't you like to use butter with flavor?