​Have you ever had one of those what-the-heck-was-that dreams?

That is how Dream Butters was born.

​In 2016, I had a dream. I was talking with my son, Brad, and said, "You should make flavored butters." I woke up, sat up in bed and thought, "What the heck...?" But, I must admit, was intrigued. 

Since Brad is a trained chef with a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Management, I thought he might be interested, but I needed to do my homework first. I started researching flavored butter companies. I found very few. I looked in the grocery store butter sections—maybe one flavor. Sometimes, none. I looked up recipes and created some of my own until I had 65 flavors. 65!

Once I was satisfied that I had all the information I needed, I showed my idea to Brad. He loved it! He said, "Why not!"

Sure, because of the popularity of TV cooking shows, chefs were teaching their audiences how to make their own flavored butters (also called "compound butters"), but most people don't take the time to do it. They have become used to the convenience of having products ready-made for them. So, we knew people would love the accessibility, as much as the unique flavors, of Dream Butters.

But, how could we make the best product on the market?

By using the best ingredients, of course!

​We use real butter from California because they don't use rbST (a protein hormone) or additives. Our ingredients are natural and real.

No artificial colors. No artificial flavors. No preservatives. No additives.

We experimented with flavors, narrowed the list down to 35 and gave small containers to friends to try. Cook with them! Bake with them! Slather them on toast, bagels, pancakes! They loved them!

We took Dream Butters to holiday craft shows, narrowed the flavors down to 15 (a much more manageable number) and continued promoting our product.

However, we knew we were destined for more.

Dream Butters has a wonderful opportunity to join major stores! We plan to be in a store near you in a couple of months.

From a dream to your kitchen.  

I guess dreams really do come true!

Enjoy Dream Butters! They were made especially for YOU!

​Susan and Brad Tyra, Owners of Dream Butters


Flavored Butters

​Dream Butters®